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  Nothing is more precious to us than our families and those we love. When you are faced with family issues such as divorce, child custody and support, you need an attorney who is empathetic to the sensitive nature of those issues and a zealous advocate who fights to protect what you treasure most – your family! Attorney Stephanie Brooks Chadwell provides thorough, sound and effective legal advice and representation to clients navigating the difficult legal waters of family law. These areas often include highly contested or complicated divorces, custody disputes, support requests, equitable distribution hearings and adoptions.

Domestic Law Practice


●  Choosing the right family law attorney for you is the most important step.  While your decision will be based upon legal experience and success, you also need to consider your comfort level with the attorney.


●  Divorce is a process and generally not a one-time appearance.  I am always available to answer my client’s questions, provide clear explanations and respond to changing needs and unexpected obstacles throughout.  

●  I am comfortable with litigation in a courtroom and in negotiating settlements.

●  Whether it is contested or uncontested, divorce is rarely an easy thing to go through.  I understand the challenges of a divorce proceeding and will give your case the time, attention and thorough preparation it deserves.  

●  Child custody and visitation are significant concerns for most of my clients.  I will work hard to protect your interests and the best interests of your children.  I can also assist clients needing help in the area of grandparent contact, paternity or parental relocation.  I also provide guidance for step-parent, agency and private placement adoption.

●  Child support and spousal support often go hand in hand with the divorce and custody processes.  I can clearly explain the factors the court will consider in resolving these issues and work to achieve an outcome that is fair and reasonable in your circumstance.  

●  Division of assets and debts that have accumulated during the marriage is often a complex and high stress process.  I have a thorough understanding of the debt and asset division process and will work diligently to achieve results that are fair and equitable.  

●  Allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously by Kentucky and Virginia courts.  I can help you navigate the process of obtaining temporary or permanent orders of protection.  In addition, I zealously advocate for clients accused of domestic violence to defend themselves in civil and criminal proceedings.  

●  A well-drafted prenuptial or marital agreement serves to best protect a client’s financial and personal interests.  I help clients effectively negotiate and, when necessary, modify useful prenuptial and post-marital agreements that work to limit the uncertainty, complexity and expense of divorce proceedings or other litigation.  

●  Post divorce issues commonly arise unexpectedly as time passes and circumstances change.  I help clients effectively negotiate or achieve modifications to support, custody and visitation agreements or court orders.  Often people fail to comply with court orders.   I assist clients seeking to enforce the terms of agreements or court orders regarding assets, debts, spousal support, child support, custody, visitation and the interpretation of those agreements.  

Call today to discuss your case immediately with Attorney Stephanie Brooks Chadwell


       If you or someone you love has a domestic or family law issue, The Law Office of Stephanie Brooks Chadwell can help. Call my office at (276)-346-0555 or email us at to schedule a free consultation. Our office serves southwest Virginia and eastern Kentucky from our Jonesville, Virginia location.  I am licensed in Virginia and Kentucky.  No law firm can make you any promises or guarantees of an outcome related to your case. Our goal is to work diligently and effectively to secure your desired outcome.  

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